Devoted 2019

August Bank Holiday Weekend 
Staffordshire Showground

Devoted is all about Being Friends & Enjoying God together.

As we gather we believe that God is going to shape us and transform us into his purposes together. Devoted will leave you freshly inspired to see the kingdom advance and bring transformation to the world around us. We are so looking forward to gathering together for great times of worship, inspiring teaching from God’s word and enjoying the gifts God has given each one of us. We want you to get caught up in the bigger picture of what God is doing across the nations.

Devoted isn’t just an event, it’s about inspiring you to go out into everyday life and impact the world around you! This site will help you to find out more about the event and what to expect!

We are so confident that Devoted will benefit EVERYONE, we will pay half the Entrance Fee

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Want to get in for free?

 Volunteer to be a server. 

Why Serve?

We would love as many people as possible to help us by serving on and around the site. We’re a great team to work with, and have lots of fun throughout the weekend, but to give you even more reasons for serving, we offer:

  • full weekend discount if you work full time. Potentially, you will still be able to attend some, but not all, the meetings on site.
  • 50% discount if you work part time, meaning you will probably miss one meeting per day.


You can either opt to camp with your church, or on the server site which is also listed.


Just so you’re aware, we will always ask your local church leadership team if you are suitable for the role you’ve been asked to serve on, or that you’re asking to serve on. Your application will not be complete until we have received their approval. This helps us protect you better

What can I Volunteer to help with?

  • Site Set Up (from Tuesday 21st August)
  • Security & Site Assistance Teams
  • Welcome & Car Park Teams
  • Technical Teams (video, recording etc.)
  • Stewards
  • U19s (we have strict rules regarding who can serve on these teams)
  • Site Maintenance
  • Admin Staffing
  • Village Hosts
  • Site Break Down (from Monday morning to Tuesday evening (27-28th August)
  • Event Control Team (Radio Base Operators)
  • Other: [          ]

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Have any questions about severing emailing: